Un mexicano participando en el Festival Internacional CTM Festival Berlín 2016

CTM es un festival internacional dedicado a la música electrónica, digital y experimental contemporánea, así como a la amplia gama de actividades artísticas en el contexto de las culturas del sonido.
Desde 1999 se lleva a cabo en cooperación con el transmediale – festival for art and digital culture berlin, en Berlín.

Los invitamos a descubrir esta interesante propuesta por Pedro Reyes.

The saPedro Reyesme metal that was molded to originate a weapon to kill persons, dreams and ideas has been now reshaped into weapons of sound. Mexican artist Pedro Reyes with his concept ‘Disarm’ can be appreciated in this video about his artwork. The music created are not just sounds, they really achieved through high-tech engineering beautiful music.

Mexican artist Pedro Reyes’s work is a socio-political critique on contemporary society and our responsibility towards it. His large-scale projects are catalysts for communal and psychological transformation, triggering group interaction and creativity.

Presented within the festival’s exhibition Seismographic Sounds. Visions of a New World,“Disarm (Mechanized)” relates to two of Reyes’s previous projects: “Palas por Pistolas (2007)” in which citizens of the Mexican state of Sinaloa donated a total of 1,527 weapons through a campaign, which were then turned into 1,527 shovels to plant 1,527 trees; and “Disarm (2012)”, in which seized and subsequently destroyed firearms were used to fabricate musical instruments. “Disarm (Mechanized) 2013” comprises six mechanized musical instruments, created in collaboration with Mexico City-based media workshop COCOLAB. Fabricated from parts of revolvers, shotguns, and machine-guns, these instruments intermittently play in the exhibition space as musical automatons.

A large part of today’s world politics has been hijacked by the weapons industry, fueling conflict around the world for the sole purpose of profit. Most of the time, the blame goes to whoever pulls the trigger, while the companies that manufacture these weapons and the political states that sell them somehow manage to escape proper scrutiny. Disarm is a project that hopes to remind us that living in an environment free of weapons ought to be a human right, and that it is within our means to transform agents of death into instruments of life. If we can turn a weapon into a musical instrument, hopefully, that physical transformation could lead to a psychological and social transformation.